Disney Dream Sustains Damage to Stern in Collision with Pier in Nassau


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We would have liked to leave Nassau and head for the Exumas, but the wind was still up and it rained, and it rained. Not only that, with the exception of our first night in Nassau with Rick and MP, and the following day at Paradise Beach, our time in Nassau was not all that enjoyable, and we wanted to turn the tide in that regard. This is the view we had from our cockpit for the week, and this isn’t even low tide.

65 slips. T-head accommodates up to ft. Fuel (diesel only), water, ice, electricity, showers, pool, security, laundry service. Also shopping centre, liquor store, restaurant & bar. Satellite hook-up. This is a popular and attractive marina and it is advisable to book ahead.

The date you see here reflects the most recent time we’ve verified this information with your state DMV. When they change something, we do, too! NY will suspend your license, impose expensive fines, and even put you in jail if you drink and drive. Depending on your BAC and other factors, you could face: The name for Driving While Ability Impaired specifically by alcohol. The specific name for Driving While Ability Impaired by a drug other than alcohol. The specific name for Driving While Ability Impaired by both alcohol and other drugs.

Being charged with aggravated driving by having a 0. Penalties for these additional drug and alcohol crimes vary, as do those for other related crimes, like chemical test refusal and breaking the Zero Tolerance Law. The substance impairing you alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. Your driver’s license regular passenger license vs. Whether you submitted to a chemical test.

Long Beach police commissioner denies punching motorist

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Share Tweet Share Email A Syosset man says the Long Beach police commissioner punched him during a traffic stop, an allegation the police commissioner vehemently denies. Holian agree that Tangney pulled him over on Edwards Boulevard Tuesday morning and accused him of driving through a stop sign. Tangney said Thursday that he would cooperate with investigators and said he expects to be cleared of wrongdoing.

Tangney, a year Long Beach police veteran, was appointed Tuesday night to serve as acting city manager next year until a permanent replacement is selected by the City Council. He said he plans to continue in both roles during the probe. Get the Newsday Now newsletter! The best of Newsday every day in your inbox. Sign up By clicking Sign up, you agree to our privacy policy. Holian, 64, said he was driving after a visit with his mother at a Long Beach nursing home when the driver of a silver Lexus SUV behind him began beeping his horn and yelling out his window.

Tangney said he told Holian to go back into his vehicle and to produce his license. According to Holian, as he reached for his glove box to get his paperwork, the man struck him on the left side of his face, causing his nose to bleed. Tangney said he had called for a uniformed Long Beach police officer to come and write a traffic ticket, and that Tangney signed the citation as a witness. Tangney said at one point he noticed Holian was bleeding and offered to call an ambulance, but that Holian accused him of punching him.

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Before entering Nassau harbor, when within a mile or so, all vessels must first get permission to enter the harbor by calling Nassau Harbour Control on VHF They will ask you to shift to working Channel 9. They will ask for your last port of call, request boat documentation and your intended destination.

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Top Nassau grouper biology Adults are generally solitary, with the exception of spawning events when hundreds to thousands of individuals were known to group together. In the southern extent of the grouper’s range, these awesome aggregations occurred between December and February whilst those in northern waters fell between May and August 5. Historically, the same sites are used and the triggers that cause individuals to arrive appear to be related to the full moon and the temperature of the water 5.

Complex courtship displays take place, culminating in the synchronised release of sperm and eggs at sunset; fertilisation thus occurs in the open water 4. Contrary to previous opinion, evidence now suggests that individual Nassau groupers occur as separate sexes and do not change from female to male, as many other groupers do 5. Juveniles usually settle in sea grass beds or clumps of coral 6 when they have reached roughly 32 millimetres in size; having previously spent around five weeks in the plankton as larvae 4.

Groupers are usually found towards the bottom of the water column where they feed on a variety of prey, using their cryptic appearance to ambush fish such as parrotfish and wrasse 4. They are regular visitors to cleaning stations where small cleaning wrasse or shrimps will remove parasites from inside the grouper’s mouth. Nassau groupers are long-lived, surviving for over 20 years in the wild 3.

Fish Fry’s, Nassau

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Supplier L Code options expressed herein are based upon information provided by the manufacturer. The final responsibility for correct coding is the sole responsibility of the practitioner submitting the claim.

We absolutely do not ever want to live in a house that doesn’t have public water. So we asked the relo company that we would be working with if we moved to find out this very important information for us. We were told that almost all of Nassau County is served by public water. Exceptions would be some communities on the very far north shore. The majority of Suffolk County towns also have public water if they are west of Riverhead, but again there are some towns along the extreme north shore that don’t have it, because of the topography and terrain soil conditions.

We were told that the closer you get to the actual shore Long Island Sound the more likely it is that the houses in that area must have their own individual wells. East of Riverhead supposedly has a greater percentage of ‘no public water available’ areas. Supposedly this is because a lot of it either used to be or is still farmland, which has always relied on wells.

We were told that some of these areas will ‘probably’ be converted to public water as they become more built-up, but there is no guarantee that it would happen. When we found out the insurance situation in those far northern and eastern areas of Long Island we decided we wouldn’t be looking there anyway, so two problems were solved at once that way. When we started talking in more detail with the relo company we were told that once we decide which areas we want to get ‘MLS emails’ for, they will put ‘public water’ as one of the criteria that would weed out any homes that don’t have it.

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Sep 25,  · But soon, schools in Nassau County will hook up to a new generation of security.

Early life[ edit ] Victoria was born on 14 July at She is a member of the Royal House of Bernadotte. Her place as first in the line of succession formally went into effect on 1 January with the parliamentary change to the Act of Succession that introduced absolute primogeniture. Her given names honour various relatives. Her first name comes primarily from her great-great-grandmother, Victoria of Baden , the queen-consort of Sweden as wife of King Gustaf V , and her great-great-great-grandmother Victoria , queen of the United Kingdom the Queen’s granddaughter, Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden , was Victoria’s great-grandmother.

Victoria completed a study program at the Government Offices in The program is a training program for young future diplomats and gives an insight to the ministry’s work, Swedish foreign and security policies and Sweden’s relations with the rest of the world. She speaks Swedish, English, French and German.

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The term achromatic colours is sometimes applied to the black-gray-white sequence. According to some estimates, the eye can distinguish some 10 million colours, all of which derive from two types of light mixture: As the names imply, additive mixture involves the addition of spectral components, and subtractive mixture concerns the subtraction or absorption of parts of the spectrum. Additive mixing occurs when beams of light are combined. The colour circle, first devised by Newton, is still widely used for purposes of colour design and is also useful when the qualitative behaviour of mixing beams of light is considered.

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One week later, we were alone at anchor at the yacht club was nearly empty. School has evidently started. On one of our shopping trips into Staniel Cay, we took our books with us. There was no electricity, but the light from the open door revealed shelf after shelf of paperbacks and hardcover books, all in alphabetical order according to author. We selected five fine books, left a donation in an old cigar box sitting on a desk, with some cash already in it locked the place up and returned the key to the nice woman at the bakery.

The library was the finest treasure we had found in Staniel Cay.

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The crime rate is high not only for theft , so take care where you walk, especially at night, and secure all your property as best you can. Locking your boat securely at night and when away from it is a must, as is locking your dinghy and outboard when tied to the boat and ashore at a dinghy dock. However, if sailing to the Bahamas, the authorities there are happy to accept your Bahamas Cruising permit instead of a zarpe.

It is possible to apply for a US visa here – see these useful notes by European cruisers who did just that. Last updated November

There are 3 ways to get from Hook of Holland to Baarle-Nassau by bus, train, car or towncar. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket .

Sunday- Arrive at the Ft. Lauderdale marina before mid morning with provisions. The skipper and mate should run through the inventory and do a systems check out. Lauderdale marina in the evening and sail across the Gulf Stream as it is a ten hour crossing over to North Bimini Island and it is preferable to arrive in daylight hours.

Explore Alice Town, rent a Golf cart to drive all around the island, and have some cracked conch for dinner at one of the local establishments. Sail around to the west side of North Bimini Island. Tie off to one of the mooring balls at the Atlantis Road. This is the site of what some think to be evidence of the lost city of Atlantis. Snorkel and swim from the boat. After a couple of hours and lunch on the boat pull closer to shore on the west side of North Bimini for an overnight anchorage off a beautiful calm sand Beach.

Pick up anchor and head south.

Fish Fry’s, Nassau

By Amy Gernon Published: January 10 LongIsland. Print Email Nassau County Police Department held its fifth Active Shooter Seminar on Wednesday at Adelphi University, with an invitation extended to all public and private schools, as well as hospitals and large corporations, in order to prepare civilians to deal with an armed person in a public setting.

Weeks later, the nation is still on edge following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where twenty children and six faculty members were gunned down by a year-old gunman wielding his mothers licensed rifles. Like Lanza, an active shooter is any armed person who uses deadly force on others, with unrestrained access to additional victims.

Jun 02,  · Last Night In Nassau Before Making North Exuma Islands On Friday morning our work was done. We would have liked to leave Nassau and head for the Exumas, but the wind was still up and it rained, and it rained.

The building has been annexed by a large attached building on Washington Street. In the fall of , Robert Fordham and John Carman crossed Long Island Sound by rowboat to negotiate with the local Indians for a tract of land upon which to establish a new community or “town spot”. Representatives of the Marsapeague Massapequa , Mericock Merrick , Matinecock and Rekowake Rockaway tribes met with the two men at a site slightly west of the current Denton Green in Hempstead Village.

Tackapousha who was the sachem chief of the Marsapeague was the spokesman for the other tribes. In the spring of , thirty to forty families left Stamford, Connecticut , crossed Long Island Sound, landed in Hempstead Harbor and eventually made their way to the present site of the village of Hempstead where they began their English settlement within Dutch-controlled New Netherland. The settling of Hempstead marked the beginnings of the oldest English settlement in what is now Nassau County.

Subsequent trips across the Sound brought more settlers who prepared a fort here for their mutual protection. These original Hempstead settlers were Puritans in search of a place where they could more freely express their particular brand of Protestantism. They established a Presbyterian church that is the oldest continually active Presbyterian congregation in the nation.

Thompson wrote and published a history of the village, and an account of contemporary Hempstead Village. Thompson reported that there were dwellings, and 1, residents; that the village was connected to New York City by a Turnpike and a railroad; that it had dry soil, excellent water, and pure air; and that it was the principal place of mercantile, and mechanical business, in the county.

The village of Hempstead was incorporated on May 6, , becoming the first community in Queens County Nassau County did not exist as a separate county until to do so. These same properties were on record continuously as being owned by Henry’s descendants, through John Carman of

Nassau (County) State of Mind

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