Can you hook up a 2 gang light switch with 3 wires? If so, how?


No longer allowed after NEC if no neutral wire in switch boxes Alternate 3- Way Switch Wiring Diagram 2, NM Line voltage enters the first 3- way switch outlet box, light fixture is located between switch boxes. No longer allowed after NEC if no neutral wire in switch boxes 3- Way Switch Wire Colors There is no standard for wire colors on 3- way switch travelers. The colors will vary depending on whether NM cable or conduit was used. With NM cable, the wire colors for travelers will be black and red using 3- wire cable. With conduit, the wire colors for travelers could be any color. In the 2nd diagram below, blue wires are used for travelers.

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You have to run a new wire to the other 3 way switch. The red tells the other one what position the other switch is in. Of course your switches have to be changed to 3 ways. It is unclear why you would ever have two blacks but only one white wire and where they might lead, and what exactly you’re trying to do.

Install a Dimmer Switch Dimmer switches allow you to set the mood, help save on electricity and extend the life of your light bulbs. Learn how to install one in your home.

I recently wrote about overloaded dimmer switches , but the most common problem I find is a dimmer switch connected to a ceiling fan. Standard dimmer switches should never be used to control the fan motor on a ceiling fan because the dimmer could damage the fan motor, or overheat and start a fire. To know whether a dimmer switch is intended for use with a fan, just remove the switch cover; there is typically fine print right on the front of the switch saying whether or not it can be used with a ceiling fan.

The photo below left comes from a fan speed controller — this is what needs to be used on a ceiling fan. A safe repair can be as simple as replacing the dimmer switch with a standard toggle switch, but you also lose the ability to dim the light. If the wiring for a ceiling fan is already in place in your home ie — you have separate wires for the fan control and the light control , it should be fairly easy for a qualified person to wire up separate controls for the fan and the light, which will include the ability to dim the light.

You can actually purchase a device that will do this — it consists of a wireless remote and a receiver that gets wired directly in to the fan. These devices work very well, and as far as I know, they can be used with any ceiling fan.

3 Gang Switch Wire Termination Diagram

The following article explains how to perform three-way switch wiring when the power source is at the fixture. Please Note The correct wire MUST be connected to the common screw of a 3-way switch otherwise the switches will not control the light fixtures correctly! The common screw may be located in a different spot on your 3-way switch than the location indicated in the drawings above, but make sure that the wire indicated in the drawings to be connected to the common screw is connected to the common screw of the switch.

At the ceiling box–the ungrounded conductor a.

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We just bought a house and the living room has a light fixture and there is a dimmer switch that controls it. I removed the light fixture and installed a ceiling fan but the fan barely moves and the light The dimmer switch was not made for that fan. I assume other plugs nearby are working when dimmer is on. Check that to make sure. By your description, I assume there is NOT another switch or dimmer that connects to same light.

If so, you need a 3-way switch and the following instructions are void. I suspect when you wired the new fan, that you saw the red and small black wires in the ceiling box. Did you connect the fan and light to those wires? If so, the following information will help you wire the switch. Take out dimmer and mark wires for identification. Turn on power and test each wire to bare ground.

How to Fix a Buzzing or Humming Dimmer Switch

Glossary Single-Pole Switches A single-pole switch has two brass screw terminals. Both are hot leads for one incoming and one outgoing line. Those are all the wires that connect to the switch. The neutral wires tie together separately and the ground wires tie together separately in the box.

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How To Hook Up A Dimmer Switch With 3 Wires

Take all safety precautions when working with electricity. Click here for more info. The easiest place to wire a light switch is at the end of a circuit. This does not mean that you should plan all your circuits so that your light switches are necessarily at the end.

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I have a room in which my customer wants to use the remote that came with his hunter fan. He would like to use a 3-way circuit so he can turn the light on from two locations. The ceiling fan i have has a remote control set-up and it only works with the remote setup because the fan has no pull chains to operate the light or fan. Below is the manual info on the fan.

If you are unfamiliar with wiring, use a qualified electrician. Make sure the power is still off.

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On most leds with leads, the longer lead is positive. Leds are current sensitive devices, meaning that if the current flow through the led isnt limited, the led will burn out. Usually this is prevented by using a resistor to limit the current thru the led. Leds are also sensitive to polarity, meaning the correct wire must be on the positive and the correct wire on the negaive lead of the led or it wont work.

Dec 18,  · The blue wire (black/blue) goes from the H terminal on the headlight switch, this is what gives power to the headlights, but the power goes thru the dimmer switch. Tan is the wire out of the dimmer switch that connects to the low beam terminals on the bulbs.

Colors are shown consistent with the NEC. Before reading this page, you may want to visit 3-way switches and 4-way switches. Single light circuits Below is perhaps the simplest arrangement, panel to switch to switch to light: Below is a variation with the light between the two switches, i. In this case, the end of the white wire from the light box to the right switch must be re-marked black to indicate that it is a hot wire: Next is a circuit with the light between the two switches, but with the panel feeding the light box.

Note similar remarking to above. Controlling More than one light Any of the above can be modified to control multiple lights. Additional lights are just wired in parallel with the first, using two conductor cable. The black should be connected to the black wire feeding the light and the white to the white wire feeding the light in all cases. Here is one example. Here is a rather different arrangement that requires 3-conductor cable between lights:

How To: Wire a Light Switch

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. My first response would be to call an electrician or somebody familiar with electricity. If you decide to not do that, here’s what you do. First get a voltmeter. Then you’re going to make sure the uninsulated conductors copper part of the wire are not touching anything, and turn the breaker on.

Yes, but you need special 2-way dimmer switches.

This makes and breaks a magnetic circuit each time a spark plug fires. Because of the high HEI voltage 35, volts , special 8mm diameter spark plug wires with silicone insulation are used. Silicone insulation is soft and must be handled with extreme care. Replace any scratched or nicked wire. Fuel economy is improved at cruising speeds and exhaust emissions are reduced. Restarting of a hot engine is improved. Figure shows the different ESS operating modes. Figure – Electronic Spark Selection operating modes There is no change in engine timing during normal city driving.

This decreases catalytic converter warm-up time and reduces emissions. When starting engine, the spark is retarded from normal advance on all cars.

How to Install an adorne Dimmer

Stage and show lighting Lighting is important in theatre and shows. Lighting allows us to see the performers. Lighting provides a tool for setting moods and tones of scenes on stage. Different type of performanced have different lighting needs. Here are some typical lighting situations: Dance – Back lighting Theatre plays – a somwhow realistic looking combination of different lights Straight Theatre – Light through a window

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Installing a three-way dimmer switch on an existing 3-way switch circuit is not only a simple job, but it will add flexibility to your lighting design and improve the overall atmosphere of your living space. The primary thing that confuses most do-it-yourselfers is the fact that only one of the three-way switches needs to be replaced with the dimmer switch. So, your first step is to think about which of the two switches you use the most. This is the one that you should replace with the dimmer.

Turn off the power to the circuit. Remove the cover plate from the switch. Remove the two screws that secure the switch to the wall box and gently pull the switch out. Double check with a voltage tester that the power is off. Position the switch so that the side with the two screws is facing your right. Hold up the 3-way dimmer next to the existing 3-way switch in the same manner. Remove the RED wire from the existing 3-way switch and connect it to the same place on the dimmer switch.

In most wiring applications, the RED is connected to the single screw on the left side of the switch.

Leviton Sureslide Dimmer Wiring Diagram

Kit Stansley I like mood lighting as much as anyone, particularly first thing in the morning when the full blast of light from a watt bulb makes me scream like a vampire at high noon. Regardless, I like to be able to adjust the brightness in a room, and installing a dimmer switch is a pretty easy way to get control over your lighting. If you have CFL bulbs you will need to go with one of the newer varieties, like those from Lutron.

Kit Stansley Does that floor look familiar? Power Down Not at the switch—at the breaker. This is always at least a three-trip ordeal for me… down to the basement, flip the breaker, up to test the switch, over and over again.

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These switches can often be quite expensive to replace. An inexpensive solution is to wire a simple toggle switch in place of the headlight switch, which generally also controls the driving lights. Toggle switches are available at most auto parts stores as well as electronics retailers, such as Radio Shack, and can usually be wired up without too much trouble. The switch should be close to the old switch’s location so that you can simply run the existing wires to the toggle switch.

Disconnect the wiring harness or wires from the back of the switch. Determine which wires send power to the headlights when the headlight switch is turned on. Consult a workshop manual specific to your car for the wiring diagram if you cannot determine which wires are for the headlights. The back of the toggle switch will have a number of attachment points for wires, which will vary depending on the type of toggle switch you are using.

These may be blade type connections or even screw type connections that use a screw to fasten the wire in place. This will probably require cutting the ends of the wires and fastening a blade connector to each end.

How To Install the Lutron Digital Dimmer Kit as a 3-Way Switch System

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