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His family was forced to immigrate to Turkey for fear of losing their Turkish identity. He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Agriculture in and earned his professorship in He has authored 12 course books and over scientific articles. He has always tried to pass novelties and scientific knowledge on to farmers, who are his target audience. These activities earned him many scientific awards and plaques of appreciation. He earned his PhD in and an Associate Professor Doctor in In addition to co-authoring political, social and economic books on the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Republic and History of the Balkans, he edited several books, published many articles in national and 2 3 international magazines, made presentations at some symposia and congresses and took part in a number of seminars, panels and conferences. Some of the courses Dr. The author currently carries on his scientific endeavors related to social, cultural, economic and political history of Rhodes, Kos and the Dodecanese Turks. Game, Entertainment and Food Culture

Milost (televizijska serija)

She is the only daughter among the 2 children born to her parents in Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. Sinem attended the local school in her home town along with her only brother, Kerem. She later earned her diploma degree from the renowned Royal Academy. Concurrently to her acting endeavors, Sinem Kobal has also given priority to her modeling career.

She is also an avid dancer.

İbrahim Çelikkol (born February 14, ) is a Turkish TV Series and film actor, former basketball player and fashion model. His maternal family is Pomak origin who immigrated from Thessaloniki, : February 14, (age 36), İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey.

IffetSun, 18 Nov The young and beautiful Iffet lives with her father and younger sister in one of the older and more modest neighbourhoods of Istanbul. She is deeply in love with Cemil, a taxi driver at the local taxi station. Iffet dreams about the day when Cemil will propose to her. In fact, Cemil does not want to marry Iffet yet as he has bigger plans. One day he will be rich, so rich that he can leave the middle-class neighbourhood and live an exotic life elsewhere.

As Iffet continues her clandestine relationship with Cemil, he starts pushing her about sharing her bed before they marry and one unfortunate day, during the wedding of Iffet’s best friend Serpil, drunk and out of control; he first comes on strong to Iffet and then rapes her. Iffet tries to get over the trauma. Cemil begs for her forgiveness and promises to marry her. Iffet feels slightly relieved; thinking this marriage will save her honor because she has discovered she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Cemil is forced into marry the daughter of the owner of the taxi station. Iffet swears to take her revenge and this time destiny helps her. Ali Ihsan, a powerful and wealthy businessman falls in love with her and they get married.

Ibrahim Çelikkol, Belçim Bilgin & Alican Yücesoy interview for “Intersection” (Kordugum) !

Paypal votes may be counted in 12 hours after payment Share with your friends and your favorite actor actress will be have more votes: Baris Arduc is a talented and a very young Turkish actor, whose future in cinema world critics consider to be sparkling. His date of birth is 9th of October, In his turn, the boy finished the school with excellent marks and began thinking about choosing a profession in which he could achieve great success.

He entered the Academy of Sports after the school.

CELIKKOLOGY 13th topic:”Professional life” – 3rd item “ACTING” 🎬 MERHAMET 🎥 Firat-Narin 💔 “I still love you to death, ne tat alacağını kendi yaşadıklarından yola çıkarak belirleyecek. 🎬🎬🎬🎬 IBRAHIM CELIKKOL: In every story in life, there are .

Wednesday, May 21, Iffet, presentation of the series episode 1 Iffet the name means Chastity is a beautiful girl who lives in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul together with his younger sister, Nimet, who is a high school student, and their father, Ahmet, a very severe and traditional man, who keeps short notice, and whom the girls are afraid of. He treats his daughters badly, doesn’t let them have an entourage, date a boyfriend or wear modern clothes that would highlight their beauty.

Ahmet thinks that chastity is the most important fortune of a woman and doesn’t agree with modern thinking. The girls are kept most of the time in the house. The people from their neighborhood don’t agree his behavior, but don’t dare to tell him how he should raise his daughters. Despite this extremely severe parent, Iffet secretly meets Cemil, a young man who is in love with her and whom she loves, but they do not have enough money to marry and be a family.

Last Episode Intersection (Kordugum)

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But some actors, dedicated to giving it their all, took their work a few steps too far.

Description: Ibrahim Celikkol is an actor, known for Conquest (), Sadece Sen () and Reaksiyon (). He was a basketball player and former professional model. Was in a relationship with “Iffet” costar, Deniz Çakir from beginning of Iffet in until

Paypal votes may be counted in 12 hours after payment Share with your friends and your favorite actor actress will be have more votes: But when the boy was only five years old, his parents divorced. His grandmother comes from Macedonia, and his grandfather is Yugoslavian. He graduated college in For a year he passed an internship at the well-known corporation “PricewaterhouseCoopers”. Then he worked for six months as a lawyer. Actor career While studying at the university, Can Yaman began to attend courses in acting skills of Gyuneyt Sayil.

It was just a hobby for him, because Can considered the main job as a lawyer. During the six months of the course he significantly improved the articulation and his diction in order to confidently speak in court sessions. He aspired to become more professional thanks to such skills. Now the actor recalls the words of his close friends, who were surprised that he works as a lawyer and just wastes time in the courtroom.

They pushed the future actor to change his work in a coordinated way. Behind the shoulders of a very young and charismatic actor there are three works starring in Turkish TV series. Of course, these shows do not have “the highest rating”, but every actor starts his work with small, but quite confident victories.

İbrahim Çelikkol Samsun’da Mihre Mutlu ile Nişanlandı!..

Not only do they attract millions of Turkish viewers every single night, but they continue their popularity in other countries, as well. Having been sold to many other TV channels all around the world, these TV series are Turkey’s primary means of cultural export. Below are 15 most popular Turkish TV series both in Turkey and abroad. It revolves around the eastern part of Turkey and the traditions there. Will love find its way?

Only time will tell.

Ibrahim Çelikkol (born February 14, ) is a Turkish TV Series and film actor, former basketball player and fashion model. His maternal family is Pomak origin who immigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece.

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İbrahim Çelikkol’s answers in 60 seconds from the tv show “Saba Tumer’le bu gece”! vicky koug 2 years ago. Malesevska – Sultanmurat Halk Oyunları Derneği Ekibi (Mareşeşka).

Johanna I live with my mom and my 3 cats in a little mountain town somewhere in Eastern Europe and I teach English at a high school. I have many hobbies such as cooking, movies and TV series, handicraft. But my greatest hobby is traveling abroad. When I can, I taste local food and when I come back home, I try to make it as well. The latter is a criminal, but Yaman has good potential and would be a successful person if he were given a chance.

On his birthday evening Kenan steals a car, takes his brother with him and they are immediately caught by the police. Though, Kenan is sentenced to a year of prison because he had been involved in various crimes before. Selim is married to a rich woman, Ender, who is an architect, and they have a teenager son, Mert.

Sadece Sen (2013 – HD)

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